Border control solutions

Kleos’ RAN is a network backbone that connects the various subsystems of the border control platform. It is built around our advanced 4G+/5G base stations, Pegasus and provides a high-capacity, high security, light weight, rapidly deployable, highly resilient, low power consumption and easily scalable network with the following features:

Surveillance & Intrusion Detection Subsystem

The proposed system is a smart border surveillance design that provides perpetual video surveillance in places where human presence is not possible due to geographical, climatic or other reasons. The platform uses a combination of high-fidelity cameras, long range thermal cameras, Intrusion Detection sensors and Radars. The platform is connected to the Network Operation & Monitoring Center via Kleos RAN.

Mobile Device catcher

The system captures the details of nearby 2G/3G/4G/5G devices even if no calls have been recorded. In this manner, intruders can now be detected by tracking their IMSI number in case of evading the surveillance system.

Small Unmanned Arial Systems (SUAS)

These are lightweight, cost efficient devices that can stay in the air for a few hours. They can be programmed to hop between stations in intelligent formation, collecting and streaming real time videos and images of a given threat or intrusion through Kleos’ RAN. SUAS are recharged at every station so they can be ready for the next mission.