Smaller number of BTSs

Thanks to Kleos’ provision of higher capacities in a given spectrum (220Mbps/BTS in 20MHz) and its ability to operate within small bands of spectrum (as low as 5MHz), the number of cells needed to cover a specific area is greatly reduced. 


Originally, the low latency and high speeds promised by 5G platforms implied that the frequency mmWave bands needed to reach up to 60 GHz. This was not only extremely dangerous, but it also meant that cell coverage was greatly limited. In other words, we would need a BTS in every corner which means a massive investment, bulk production and years of work in addition to duplicated maintenance and higher operating costs. 


By contrast, Kleos offers an elegant solution that reduces the number of BTSs required to ensure excellent coverage in a given area, positively impacting the environment and the bottom line.

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