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Ever since Kleos was founded, our innovative technology including our BTS platform’s performance was always a top priority. 


Our products are engineered to ensure profitability for operators and to cater for maximum efficiency. Our target was to create a system that provides the envisaged 4G+ and 5G services and any future evolution while preserving the lowest possible Capex and Opex. This was realized by creating a cutting-edged platform that provides the highest number of bits in a given spectrum in the market, ensuring the largest possible geographical coverage per site all while supporting all SON (Self Organizing Networks) features. 


In addition, Kleos’ products possess a high processing power with a future proof architecture that can be upgraded and scaled with marginal intervention on the hardware level, using highly deployable functions with no or minimal frequency planning.


We have researched and developed techniques that meet all telco’s challenges and accommodate the market’s needs while never compromising on quality, safety and most importantly, performance.


A few of the main principles that our company relies on are integrity and credibility; our products always meet and exceed our promises. Test our base stations and get the chance to have the Kleos experience, performance guaranteed.


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