Whispering concept

To answer today’s telecommunication needs and meet its many challenges, Kleos developed a unique BTS system that personalizes communication and optimizes the transmission of the signal towards the end-user. With Kleos, the signal is now focused and directed towards the end-user rather than being broadcasted randomly like other standard platforms on the market.


This technology is implemented by utilizing the geographical location of the particular user, transmitting the signal below noise level and reconstructing it positively at the geographical location of the user. 

Consequently, this allows us to have a cleaner radio environment and hence, enables us to use the same spectrum in the same cell, during the same time slot.


Therefore, Kleos’ base station can accommodate a higher capacity while covering a larger radius with a smaller amount of transmitted power. It further allows a higher number of simultaneous users to be catered for in a given cell, reducing the number of cells needed to cover a given area. Consequently, operators can serve a certain area with a remarkably lower number of base stations, which considerably reduces the cost of operation.

Whispering concept

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