Smart, innovative & safe 5G

5G is a revolutionary technology that has an indirect impact on everything known surrounding us. Kleos’ 5G prototype goes beyond a simple LTE upgrade.


This innovative technology is expected to reshape cities, industries, manufacturing sectors and countries in general. Optimizing this technology’s smart benefits made reducing manual processes an increasing efficiency an evident consequence. With this innovation, taking the necessary safety measures is mandatory and extremely called for. Unlike current trends, our R&D focus is not simply oriented towards offering higher capacities by going to higher bands and leading to the emission of higher levels of transmitted energy, a reduction in cell size and an overpopulation of base stations. This approach is expected to affect every living being and raises serious health concerns.


Our 5G R&D have been exploring new techniques to achieve higher spectral efficiencies and have been using new and higher forms of modulations, innovative coding and signal processing schemes and new modes of transmission that allow us to get closer to the Shannon limit and offer unprecedented speeds while operating at lower bands.


Our platforms are very resistant to jamming, eavesdropping and intersection with very advanced surveillance and border control solutions. We take this responsibility earnestly and we exceed the safety expectations as we build electronic walls that cannot be broken. We consider these walls the backbone of the data infrastructure and take pride in being one of the very few companies that offer these standards.

Kleos 5G