Our definition of 5G

5G is the fifth generation technology standard introduced worldwide by major vendors. This generation is the evolution towards a more powerful communication platform that provides higher throughputs, larger capacity, lower latency and more versatile forms of communications such as machine to machine and ad-hoc communication.


It has been designed to meet the higher demand and expectations of today’s connected society. Our vision of 5G slightly differs from the current trend and is surely greatly improved. While we are on the same wavelength with providing lower latency, more features and applications and higher capacity, we don’t believe in the compromise that comes with it. The challenge that the industry is facing today is how to build such a system while retaining a minimal RF, electromagnetic, carbon and visual footprints by minimizing their impact on humans and nature.  


Kleos researched and developed new techniques that not only allow operators to reach higher spectral efficiency without compromising on coverage, but also without having to drastically increase the number of cells.


We believe that by thinking outside the box and by delving deep into mathematical principles, behavior of signals and by introducing advanced modulations and signal processing techniques, we are able to build such platforms and deliver the needed services in a healthy ecosystem. This was able to be achieved by introducing massive intelligent MIMO systems, utilizing new and higher forms of modulations, innovative coding and signal processing schemes and new modes of transmission. 5G is currently being introduced as a fixed wireless access service or in small cells deployment and we strongly believe that we can improve and change that. The changes and measures we took would allow us to get the closest ever to the Shannon limit and even delve deeper to implement faster than Nyquist techniques, making our 5G platform one of the most efficient, practical, affordable and manageable to deploy.


Our vision and strive is that our 5G, 6G and any other future platforms will solely serve the wellbeing of humanity through innovation and ingenuity while leaving-out harmful side effects.

Kleos 5G