Safe 5G

The latest standard technologies offer higher capacities by going to higher bands and leading to the emission of higher levels of transmitted energy, a reduction in cell size and an overpopulation of base stations. This approach raises serious health concerns around the globe and threatens every being alive.


At Kleos, Safety is the most major concern as we always strive to provide a technology that not only meets but also exceeds international safety standards. We believe that it’s our duty and great responsibility to help the health industry and avoid the health complications caused by today’s telecom. 

Hence, Kleos designed its solutions to be highly secure, stable and safe and secured the lead among the very few companies in the world that can guarantee these key features to their market. Our visionary R&D team has worked for years on exploring new techniques and experimenting with the latest discoveries to achieve higher spectral efficiencies while operating at relatively lower bands and ensuring much higher health and safety standards.