4G Macro BTS

Kleos’ range of 4G+ macro base stations caters for the various market needs. All its models and designs provide various advantages ensuring an optimal and profitable operation. The main eNodeB models are:

This is Kleos’ flagship product and one of the most powerful 4G+ BTS in the market. It is most suitable to be used as a carrier grade macro site to provide mobile services, ensure a high level of penetration and offer ubiquitous services in high density urban environments.

This model is most suitable for deployment in less dense environments where a balanced ratio of coverage and capacity is required.

This model is most suitable for deployment in rural areas with low density environments. It provides a large coverage while maintaining a light infrastructure and footprint.

This is a high power FDD base station that is suitable for mobile operators eager to extend their coverage or densify their network. With an all in one full outdoor design Pegasus 100 x / FDD series has been smartly engineered to accommodate the most stringent of deployment conditions.

PEGASUS-100, Ex-7R is an intrinsically safe, full outdoor LTE base station combining a Base Band Unit and a Remote Radio Unit in a single box. PEGASUS-100 integrates advanced ADC, digital IF processing technology, and digital pre-distortion (DPD) technology and help operators provide greater coverage and higher capacity in hazardous environments.

This a low power wide range BTS that has been specifically designed for the USA market and spanning the CBRS band. Pegasus 5000 / CBRS enjoys a light, compact and esthetic design while providing a solid and reliable fixed wireless performance. 

We allow operators to optimize the usage of their spectrum

Kleos has pioneered a new technology leading design allowing operators to achieve a higher spectral efficiency without compromising on coverage or having to drastically increase the number of cells.


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