Internet of Things

Smart industries

Kleos' advanced 4G+ and 5G platforms constitute a powerful enabler of IoT applications and solutions, thanks to their outstanding performance in terms of latency, coverage and processing power. Thus, Kleos aims to offer operators and industries the chance to upgrade their businesses and innovate them using the latest and most advanced smart technologies. 


Taking advantage of today’s innovations can help actors in various industries optimize their profits and keep them in the lead in their competitive markets. With Kleos’ 5G’s ultra-high speed and very low latency, many industries can now leverage the power of automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT). 


The manufacturing industry is under great pressure to keep up with the fast-paced market evolution and retain its place in the economy which makes it a direct beneficiary of smart services. That’s when the automation of everything era started to take over, digitizing machines and having control over the physical world through networks employing Kleos. With Kleos’ highest security and safety standards, we will make sure to keep your business on top of the game and in the lead. 


Our R&D team has worked relentlessly  to introduce some of the most innovative solutions to assist industries in their 4.0 digital transformation. This includes but is not limited to Industrial Robotics, Machine to Machine communication etc.


Smart cities

Smart cities promise time-efficient, money-saving, greener and better connected communities to live in. Our remarkable 5G technologies, IoT and artificial intelligence provide the base for true groundbreaking innovations. 


A smart city relies on Information and Communication Technologies in order to collect data, learn from it and improve the city's operation accordingly.


Pegasus, Kleos’ flagship platform, is designed to perfectly deliver IoT (Internet of Things) services that directly receive and analyze data and draw actionable insights to help citizens, enterprises and municipalities improve their urban experiences making their everyday tasks and processes easier. 


Thanks to Kleos, this powerful feature can be offered with reduced costs and while keeping the city as eco-friendly as possible

Smart education

E-learning and studying remotely is a rising trend in today's world. Streaming classes, accessing the library and managing other remote education tasks can be challenging, especially in areas with substandard internet infrastructures. 


Kleos can offer universities and schools their own IP Connectivity allowing staff and students to seamlessly connect to a private network and enjoy high speed and quality remote education services. 


It is important to highlight the cost efficiency and ease of deployment that Kleos’ products carry, making the connectivity cost per student extremely reasonable and affordable. 

Our smart education service is in line with our mission to provide equal opportunities to every human being on this planet. We believe that access to a modern, quality and tech-enabled education is a basic right for every student.


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