Corporate social responsibility

At Kleos, we believe that to sustain our success we must protect our greatest asset and resources provider: our planet. We believe our people and teams can only thrive, grow and be empowered in a sustainable and healthy macro-environment.


In this regard, we channel all our efforts to produce technology that will bring value to our clients while protecting and preserving the environment.

Kleos’ innovative technology which emphasizes safety, cost effecient and low pollution is ipso facto environmentally friendly and hence the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants is inherently part of our core mission.

With this in mind, Kleos aims at becoming the most eco-friendly telecom mediator leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the environment, through minimizing the need for bulk production of antennas, base stations and probes amongst other capacitors.


Moreover, creating opportunities for everyone and respecting human diversity are fundamental principles at Kleos.

Kleos’ Pegasus base stations require a much lower number of always-on signaling transmissions as well. This technology permits deeper and longer periods of sleep when there are little or no data transmissions to serve.

With every day that goes by, visual pollution is considered more of a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. According to experts, being exposed to that kind of pollution increases stress levels, causes distraction and impairs balance.

The latest standard technologies offer higher capacities by going to higher bands and leading to the emission of higher levels of transmitted energy, a reduction in cell size and an overpopulation of base stations. This approach is raising serious health concerns around the globe and threatening every being alive.

Not only does it allow operating on low maintenance, installment and troubleshooting costs, it also allows active sharing. This technology grants two or more operators the use and share of the same base station, which drastically drops the cost to own one and greatly expands the profit margin.