Low visual pollution

With every day that goes by, visual pollution is considered more of a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. According to experts, being exposed to that kind of pollution increases stress levels, causes distraction and impairs balance. 


5G as it was first proposed by the industry held a handful of downsides and threat factors among which the considerable increase in the number of cells in order to reach lower latency and the higher speeds and capacity.

At Kleos, we believe that with this industry comes a great aesthetic challenge and even greater ecological responsibility. Therefore, Kleos was able to experiment with new techniques and offer great coverage without impacting negatively on beautiful sceneries of mountains, country sides, forests… We  provide much more capacity in a given Spectrum ( that enables operators  to drastically reduce the number of cells needed and spare people from seeing a base station around every corner, lowering significantly the visual pollution that comes with 5G and controlling the side effects that come with it.