Fire detection

Fire detection is a direct solution to immediate fire threats and pyro-terrorism. This solution leverages the power of the Internet of Things. IoT has changed the world and made it all connected and extremely smarter. With this technology, safety alerts can be sent to a multitude of people in less than a second. 


Smart fire detection relies on both IoT and ICT ( Information and Communication Technology) technologies. Using wireless sensors, transmission, shared knowledge and cloud computing, fire can be “intelligently” predicted, identified, located and tracked.

Kleos has devised a state of the art solution meant to be used as an early fire detection system especially in remote areas and vast forests. The system utilizes a set of advanced sensors coupled with highly sensitive probes allowing the detection, over long distances reaching up to 10 Km/per site, shy signs of bushfires.


Through complex data processing and situation analysis, this technology can process and send vital information allowing fire prevention, fire supervision, more effective fire fighting and rescuing, and giving the internet a chance to protect facilities, equipment, km2 of forests and most importantly, lives.

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