Pegasus 5000 / CBRS

This a low power wide range BTS that has been specifically designed for the USA market and spanning the CBRS band. Pegasus 5000 / CBRS enjoys a light, compact and esthetic design while providing a solid and reliable fixed wireless performance. 


Superior Performance

  • Supports TDD-LTE, 4 x 1W
  • Excellent Non-Line of Sight.
  • High Capacity.



Robust Design for all Environment & Climate

  • IP66
  • Natural convection heat dissipation design






Flexible Configuration and Deployment

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Supports S1 aggregation
  • Plug-and-play SON capabilities
  • Flexible IP based Backhaul


Easy Maintenances and Configuration

  • Local web-based configuration, easy wizards and templates for fast commission
  • End-to-End monitoring in remote NMS (Network Management System)

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