Pegasus 8T8R / TDD

This is Kleos’ flagship product and one of the most powerful 4G+ BTS in the market. It is most suitable to be used as a carrier grade macro site to provide mobile services, ensure a high level of penetration and offer ubiquitous services in high density urban environments.

Pegasus 8T8R / TDD enjoys a set of advanced features:

•   Standard: LTE/LTE-A
•   Supported Bandwidth : 5MHz/10MHz/15MHz/20MHz
•   TRx Configuration : 8T8R, 4T4R,2T2R and 1T1R
•   Processing Capacity: Max. 6x20MHz
•   MIMO DL Max 4 Layers: SU-MIMO


•   UL Max 4 Layers MU-MIMO
•   User per CA Sector: 500 Active User
•   1000 RRC Connected Users
•   Supported UE Cat 6/5/4/3
•   Carrier Aggregation Up to 20MHz+20MHz CA

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We allow operators to optimize the usage of their spectrum

Kleos has pioneered a new technology leading design allowing operators to achieve a higher spectral efficiency without compromising on coverage or having to drastically increase the number of cells.

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We never compromise safety for performance … we offer real 5G

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